About Us

Hundreds are returning to cycling as a way of staying fit, improving their lifestyles and reducing demands on the environment; all of which is great news. However, the number of cyclists who are being injured on our roads has also started to rise.

Urban Limits provides advice on where you can find the best routes; thoughts on kit and maintenance; advice on security, road positioning and visibility. Join the discussion online, download the app or visit us at one of the events.

Urban Limits is a place to connect for advice and information on cycling. Supported by Safer Roads, a project to create healthier and more secure communities by promoting safe road use.

Safer Roads was started as local authorities in Berkshire expressed their commitment to work together for the benefit of their citizens and road users, among whom cyclists are a highly valued constituent. In recent years, as cycling has growing in popularity, so there has been a noticeable increase in cycle casualties on the road. Urban Limits is focused on trying to reverse this trend, not by dissuading people from getting on their bikes in the first place, but by promoting safe road use for cyclists in an engaging and informative way; through events, social media, web interactions and smartphone apps.