Aviva Support HGVs Through Cycle Awareness Initiatives

Insurance company Aviva have implemented two safety initiatives by being the first UK insurer to help reduce the number of incidents involving cyclists and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs).

Over the past four years, there has been an increasing rise in the number of serious collisions involving both cyclists and HGVs, and this has been most apparent in larger cities. In Berkshire alone, figures reveal that 19 crashes occurred between a cyclist and HGV during the past five years.

In order to tackle this issue, Aviva are helping to finance HGVs (above 16T) with a ‘stay back’ sticker. This helps to warn cyclists that approaching the lorry any closer could be dangerous, particularly if the lorry is turning left.


The second initiative involves ‘Enlightener’ Fresnel Lenses which are designed to fix to the inside passenger window of the HGV in order for the driver to better identify cyclists or cars in their main blind-spot areas.

In support of these initiatives, Transport for London (TFL) support the measures put in place to reduce cyclist and HGV collisions and it is hoped that TFL will continue to support those companies within the freight and construction industries, not only in certain areas, but across the UK and Europe.

So visibility is a two-way deal, cyclists should avoid making themselves invisible and HGV drivers need better blind-spot mirrors. Will this make a difference though or is more drastic action required?