Back to school

We are just days away from schools returning as we continue on this unprecedented journey through 2020. With this, people are anticipating new problems with increased congestion and travel times as traffic returns to more normal levels. However with reduced public transport and road space capacity due to the social distancing measures, we are expecting traffic and travel times to be greatly increased.

During lockdown we saw huge increases in the numbers of people cycling and walking, getting more exercise and enjoying the cleaner air. We hope for this to continue and for a fundamental way in which we all think about or travel, particularly for short distances. I don’t need to list all of the health and well being benefits from being more active, as numerous as they are. What Urban Limits is campaigning for is for people to give it a go.

There are plenty of quiet roads and off road routes that you may not even realise are there! Why not spend this bank holiday out on your bike to find different ways to do the school drop off or the daily commute. You’ll often be surprised by how quick it really can be.