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Although DIY adventure cycling trips are a great way to explore some of the best cycling routes out there, booking onto an organised tour can make things a lot easier. Forget about luggage, repairs, accommodation, food and your schedule – it’s all taken care of. That being said, these are routes for the experienced cyclist so if you’re interested, best be prepared! There a range of companies which can offer you an organised cycling adventure, but we’re taking a look at those run by TDA Global Cycling due to their scale and awesomeness!

Tour d'Afrique

The first trip to mention is the Tour d’Afrique, crossing Africa from north to south covering almost 12,000km in four months.

I first came across this epic tour by coincidence whilst travelling through Singida in northern Tanzania. It just so happened we were staying at the same hotel as a mass group of cyclists and support vehicles who arrived into the town one evening, pitching their tents on our hotels spare plot of land. Speaking to a couple of the cyclists, they looked pretty knackered from their days ride, but were clearly having the time of their lives. They explained their epic route from Cairo to Cape town and it just sounded incredible. The route from Egypt still runs today (sometimes with minor changes depending on logistics and security) starting in January and running through to mid May. It travels through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

Obviously travelling through this many countries in Africa, you’ll get the chance to see a range of incredible sights such as; The Pyramids, Ancient temples along the Nile, Ethiopa’s Simian Mountains, Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Malawi, Victoria Falls and the Kalahair and Namib deserts.

Key Facts

  • Length – 12,000km
  • Days – ~120
  • Countries – 10
  • Stages – 8
  • Full Price – $15,900
  • Individual Stage Price – $1,400 – $3,550

South American Epic

The next trip is the South American Epic – 13,600km from northern South America to the South of the continent in five and a half months.

This expedition offers a great opportunity to explore the vast and diverse continent of South America all from the saddle. This tour is the only South American bicycle trip which covers the continent from top to tip in an epic trans-continental adventure like no other. The route takes in Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. You’ll see rows of volcanoes in Ecuador, stunning views through the Andes, surreal landscapes including the Bolivian Salt Flat, old colonial towns in northern Argentina, the legendary Carretera Austral road, Patagonia and the Lakes and Vineyards of southern Chile.

Key Facts

  • Length -13,600km
  • Days – 164
  • Countries – 6
  • Stages – 9
  • Full Price – $19,900
  • Individual Stage Price – $1,300 – $3,900

Bamboo Road

The Bamboo Road trip from Shanghai to Singapore is a great trip in another incredible part of the world covering 7,300km in three months.

This is a great part of the world to cross on a shoestring budget, but to cross it by bike is something special. Sparkling coastlines, stunning mountains, ancient historic sites and small villages in misty valleys, add in some of the world’s best food it’s hard not to fall in love with South Asia’s endless charm. The route takes in China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. You’ll see Hong Kong, Ha Long Bay, the capital of Vietnam Hanoi, majestic temples at Angkor Wat and Turquoise waters on the Thai coast, plus so much more.

Key Facts

  • Length – 7,300
  • Days – 88
  • Countries – 7
  • Stages – 6
  • Full Price – $15,600
  • Individual Stage Price – $1,950 – $4,300


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