Bike Security Basics

Making sure your bicycle is secure is key to preventing theft or damage to your bike. There are many options available when it comes to securing your bicycle depending on where you are going to be keeping it.

At Home

When you are keeping your bicycle at your residence it is best if possible to keep it indoors, in either a locked garage or shed. Indoors or outdoors you should keep your bike secured to something heavy or if possible – immovable.
A ground anchor is something used by many people with motorcycles, caravans and other recreational equipment. If feasible it would be worthwhile fitting one of these to ensure the security of your bicycle.

In Town

Keeping your bike secure when in a public place can be harder than it being locked up at home. Be sure that you are not locking it to railings or lampposts where it has not been clearly signed as a location for securing your bicycle. Instead seek out bicycle specific parking locations that have been set by the local council. These will be in well-sighted locations with bars to lock your bicycle to. Using something like a good quality D-Lock will help to ensure the security of your bicycle.

At Work

If you cycle to and from work there may be an issue with keeping your bike secure during your working hours. It could be worth discussing this issue with colleagues in order to find a suitable place to store your bicycle. Many companies endorse the ‘Ride to Work’ scheme, so encouraging employees to cycle includes helping to support the infrastructure.

You can find out more information on types of security here.