Bike Week 2015 (Slough)

Another day, another Urban Limits event. Yesterday we were in Slough, supporting their national bike week events they have running throughout the town.

Slough was one of the first urban areas outside of London to implement their own cycle hire scheme, which is growing in popularity every month. Meaning that they are constantly increasing the number of their hire points. Most recently they have opened their brand new cycling hub, located next to the train station which offers the opportunity to hire a bike, park up your own bike, and even facilities to give it a good clean.

Slough tends to bring out a lot of people wanting to take part in the challenge, and despite the town being rather quiet, this was no exception. We had 32 people take part, as well as a few coming back to try their luck again. (not a single one coming close to beating their first attempt).

This set up is more accurate than ever, although is not without the occasional technical hitch which saw the white bike going out of commission before the day ended.

Points for the winners go to Adrian on the white bike and Arek on the orange, as well as Sam who if it were not for the technical issues on the white bike, would have remained our orange bike leader.

Next week we will be at Thames Valley Business park on Wednesday 24th June.