Bike Week 2015 (Wokingham)

Yes, it’s national bike week, and yesterday we rocked up to Wokingham Borough Council to support their cycling activities they have taking place all week.

You may be familiar with our golden minute challenge, but this year it’s all change. We’re trying it a little differently, and have ditched the fixy golden bike; with 2 brand new turbo trainers, and 2 brand new bikes.



Same rules as before; You have 60 seconds to pedal as far as you can, except now you can use all the gears you like. So now it’s not just about power, it’s about strategy too. But if you think that makes it any easier, you’d be wrong. These new Turbos make the challenge even tougher with their steeper power > resistance curves, meaning you’re much more likely to burn out before that half way mark than ever before.

This week in Wokingham there were more than a few with a competitive streak, and all the excuses to match. Points go to Mark who set our standard pretty early on in the day. Extra points go to Lindsay who was our Orange bike champion, and to Frazer who was our incredible white bike champion.


We’re in Slough Town Centre tomorrow, and will be throughout Berkshire for the rest of this month, so pop on by and try your luck.

Bike week is not to be confused with Cycle to Work day (which is 3rd September).