Bikeability Wokingham

Last Saturday, Urban limits went along to a brand new cycling event held at a school in Wokingham. The council, thanks to a sizeable grant from the Department for Transport have been able to work together with other partners to deliver a series of brand new cycling events aimed at getting more people involved and on their bikes.

We usually pitch up with our well known golden minute challenge, except this time we thought we’d go for something that would suit all ages. Our red bike, blue bike challenge uses the same 60 seconds to record how many metres they can travel. The difference here being that it’s a much more even playing field by using different sized bikes.

While we had planned on this event only being for the children, many parents just couldn’t resist having a go themselves, so we ended up adding a third column to our scoreboard.

Fitted with a new bit of tech, the bikes were timed and scored using the panobike app, with the highest score of the day going to Chris, who managed 580 metres in just 60 seconds.

While on the golden bike this distance would have been somewhere in the middle of the scoreboard, it is important to point out that this was set on the blue bike, which is actually in it’s normal life ridden by a 9 year old girl.