Canyon 2Way Mini Pump

The Canyon 2Way Mini Pump is an entry level pump with double shot alloy barrel and a twin head so it will pump your tyres whether they have a Schrader or Presta type valve. Coming in at under £9 and complete with an integrated pressure gauge, the Canyon appears to represent pretty good all-round value.

The package includes an easy to fit clip rack to frame mount the pump and the rubberised handle feels comfortable in the hand and there is a dust cap for the dual function nozzle to prevent this becoming clogged.

The pressure gauge shows values for PSI & BAR, with bandings for MTB, Hybrid & Road bikes. The gauge also indicates a maximum pressure well in excess of 120PSI so should have been fit for purpose on some decent road tyres.

Performance however was not brilliant. The valve fitting was very tight and the short barrel doesn’t appear to deliver a lot of air in either direction of the double-shot action. The delivery also deteriorates once you start getting some pressure in the tyre & inflating to 70PSI required a herculean effort and now short amount of time.

The clip-in rack is not perfect either, not quite managing to hold the pump securely, so that over the course of a decent ride it had partially jiggled free.

Overall you should perhaps not expect too much from a £9 pump, it seems that the Canyon offers a lot, but doesn’t quite deliver in the way you had hoped.



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