Companies taking the initiative to encourage cycling to work

Many companies across the globe are adopting various schemes which encourage people to cycle to work rather than driving; Saving money and reducing the impact on the environment.

Cyclescheme is an example of one of the schemes adopted by employers to give an incentive to swap driving into work for cycling in. For example, some schemes offer a reduced rate of a bike and or accessories over a fixed term, and some schemes have rewards in place to push the incentive that much further. For example, logging the distance travelled and winning a prize, or linking journeys with friends / colleagues which adds competitiveness.

However, some companies are taking a bit more of an extreme approach. HSBC has decided that the best approach would be to cut 90 per cent of staff car parking. HSBC itself sponsors British Cycling – a perfect reason to act. The company is also encouraging as many people as possible to take part in a cycling survey which will hopefully help to identify the barriers people face with cycling and possible deterrents. Being able to use the data from these cyclists will help to identify the restrictions and try to make cycling more accessible to more people.

No one expects for everyone to be able to cycle to work every day. Some people travel quite a distance to be able to get to work, and realistically who would want a 3-hour bike ride each way added onto a busy schedule.

These schemes, alongside the work that we do encourage those with a short distance to travel to substitute short journeys as much as realistically possible – which we aspire to encourage good habits.

So, get your bike out to get to work, or pop to your local shops. Little habits can make a huge difference.