Crashed? Send out an SOS!!

If you have had a crash and you’re out in the middle of nowhere and you have hurt yourself, then you will possibly need some assistance. A new device called Riders-Mate could be there to rescue the situation. With built-in GPS and GPRS mobile phone connectivity it automatically sends an alert if you crash so help can get to you ASAP. The device attaches to your bicycle with a cord at the top, the second cord at the bottom of the gadget attaches to your clothing. In the event of a crash the cord at the bottom disconnects from the device, this action then allows the Riders Mate device to send a text to a designated number alerting someone that you have crashed.

Riders Mate was aided by “Kick Starter” a company that helps people bring their ideas to life: by creating a project, getting feedback from a community of people, launching your project and getting funding for your idea. Riders Mate also features a number of built in back-ups to maximise its safety credentials and minimise the risk of false alarms, including:

• Automatic multiple accident messaging – two messages sent 1 minute apart to help guarantee that someone responds to your message quickly.

• Easy cancelling – simply reattach Riders mate, and it will send an automatic message to contacts to let them know you’re ok.

• Emergency SOS button – for manual use.

• Non-emergency message – requesting help from any contact on the device for a non-emergency purpose.

When you sustain a serious injury on a bike experts say you only have an hour to be given medical treatment otherwise injuries could have other complications. The whole purpose of this device is ensure a rider can have some form on help and not just to be left stranded somewhere after a crash.

To release the first Rider Mates the designer David Coleman needs £19,900 so far he has 14 backers.

The designer claims the device will include:

• Google maps synced in with the device

• Built in date logger

• Easy to attach to a bike or yourself

• Accurate location of up to 1m2

• Up to 8hrs battery life

• Lightweight construction

So, assuming that this product makes it to market, will it really give cyclists the benefit that they deserve? As exciting as this piece of kit might appear, it is way behind some other technology out there in the market. Motorcyclists have been able to get this sort of functionality on their smartphone for some time now (see, only it doesn’t just send a text to your mum; it calls the emergency services! The time you really need it is not when you failed to get unclipped at a set of traffic lights and experienced the slow fall of shame; it’s when you have been involved in a serious crash at speed or with another vehicle and that’s when a hotline to real emergency care is what you need.


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