CrashMap Reveals Crashes Involving Cyclists

Completely updated following the release of road casualty data for 2011, website provides an up-to-date and comprehensive searchable map of collisions for anyone interested in road safety.

Cruciall though, CrashMap has now included a new feature within their search facility that allows users to just look for crashes that involved road users who are most at risk & that includes cyclists! Cyclists are particularly in the spotlight at present as 2011 saw a 16% increase in serious injuries to cyclists over the previous year.

One of the website’s creators commented “Just 6 weeks ago the Government reported that road deaths and serious injuries had risen in 2011 after years of continuous improvement. Community leaders and campaign groups are rightly concerned about this but they also need the information to help them engage at a local level and ensure that new measures are introduced to protect vulnerable road users.”

If you are interested in improving safety for cyclists then this could be a really useful resource for you.

One further change that has been introduced this year is a new deal for road safety charities; CrashMap is offering free access to the full reports for these organisations as part of its commitment to improve safety for all.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, the road safety charity, said: “CrashMap is an incredibly useful tool for communities and organisations working to prevent devastating casualties and make our roads safer for everyone. Brake supports communities campaigning for safer roads, so we know how important it is they can access information on the crash history of their area. CrashMap is an easy-to-use tool for seeing where and how many people have been hurt or lost lives.”

Anyone wanting to search the map can simply go to and start searching.