Cycle Alert

Cycle Alert is an innovative piece of technology with a goal of making cyclists more visible on the roads and reducing serious injuries and fatalities – well we can get behind that. The product is designed primarily to provide protection to cyclists from larger vehicles on the road such as HGV’s and Buses. The concept was thought up when founders, Robert Cooper and Peter le Masurier came to the realisation that in the aftermath of a cycling tragedy both the grief of a cyclist’s family and trauma to the driver are irreparable. With a disproportionate correlation between large vehicles on the roads and the number of accidents they’re involved in, they both were surprised to find no technology existed to detect cyclists. After some DIY research and development in a garage, and trails around the infamous Elephant and Castle Roundabout, the Cycle Alert was born.

The Cycle Alert is made up of three fundamental parts:

  • Cycle tag – mounted on a bike, helmet or person
  • Vehicle Unit – wireless side units forming a sensing system around a vehicle
  • Cab Unit – positioned on the dashboard to receive alerts

The Cycle Alerts operates through a combination of these three parts working together to alert drivers of the presence of cyclists.

How it all works


Vehicles are fitted with (permanently attached) wireless side units, spaced out with 2 to 4 per side depending on length. Pairs of units are also fitted to the front and back of the vehicle. The units are ultrasonically welded to provide a permanent, weather proof seal with an expected battery life of up to 10 years!

The side sensors report a signal strength from any Cycle Tags to the Cab unit. If the signal strength passes a certain threshold, an audible alert is sounded and the cab LED display shows an approximate location of the bicycle – front, left, right or rear. The cab unit can be connected to the vehicle to turn on and off whenever the ignition is on or off.

Main Features

  • Works on all HGV’s, LGV’s and PSV’s, and also works through glass – meaning it can work on buses and coaches
  • Wireless sensors – with 10 year battery life
  • Quick and easy installation – 30 mins for bus, 45 mins for HGV
  • Cycle Tag is motion activated to improve battery life
  • Cycle Tag battery life approximately 12-18 Months
  • Stormproof