Essential On-Ride Maintenance Kit

However far you ride you are at some point likely to be quite a long walk from home so you need to make sure you plan for emergencies.  The most likely problem you will face is a puncture which means carrying either a spare tube, tyre levers and or a repair kit plus pump.  You may also want to take a multi-tool to help with anything that may come loose on the journey and perhaps even a chain splitter.

There are three different approaches to taking bike kit with you:

1                     Get a reasonable sized saddle bag and put in all the tools you need to fix most problems you will come across on a ride:  Multitool e.g. Leatherman, bike tool with hex keys, screwdrivers and spanners, chain splitter, puncture repair kit, spare inner tubes, tyre levers, plus a frame-mounted pump.  Craft packing is required to make sure it doesn’t rattle and you can do the zip up!

2                     The ‘Pro’ approach taken by many road riders is to chuck the essentials into the pockets on the back of your cycling jersey.  It’s amazing what you can fit in; spare tube, bike tool and CO2 pump and cartridges (plus some food).  It may be slightly uncomfortable but it’s certainly more aerodynamic!


3                     Mobile phone and credit card.  The cheat’s way out, simply phone a taxi or a loved one to come and rescue you.  Better hope you have a decent signal though.