Government pledges a £200m boost to cycling safety

More than £200 million will be spent improving cycling safety on the roads, and is set to be the biggest single investment into cycling since the coalition began. The autumn statement will include £114 million to be shared between: Birmingham, Cambridge, Newcastle, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Norwich and Oxford to improve cycling networks over the coming three years which will add to the grants they received last year when the government launched the “cycling ambition cities” programme.

Nick Clegg also introduced a new programme with Halfords which will donate refurbished second hand bikes and safety equipment to under privileged citizens in poor areas. Overall the liberal democrats leader seemed positive about these plan and said: “The inspiration and legacy of the 2012 Olympics and the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire this year has started a revolution in cycling for everyone, not just in velodromes, not necessarily in Lycra, but for going to school or to work or to the shops. The rewards could be massive. Billions of pounds in savings for the NHS, less pollution and congestion, and a happier and safer population.”


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Federations European Cyclists