Hummingbird – The World’s Lightest Folding Bike

Weighing in at just 6.5kg, the Hummingbird is billed as ‘The lightest folding bike on the market’. It’s made out of carbon fibre and in terms of looks, performance and comfort – its got it all. The goal of the designers was to make the folding bike experience the best it can be, and at 3kg lighter than its nearest competitor – that’s a pretty good start. They decided that none of the folding bikes on the market were both a pleasure to ride as well as carry around. It has a range of great features which the designers hope will set it apart from the competition.

Foldable – Really easy and quick to fold, plus you can take it anywhere. Compact enough for the bus, train and elevator, but light enough to carry up stairs – making it great for the modern urban commuter.

Lightweight – As we mentioned above the Hummingbird weighs just 6.5kg! The market defines “lightweight” in terms of folding bikes as 10kg – so it gives you a massive weight saving.

Customizable – The Hummingbird comes in 4 colours to meet you individual tastes: yellow, black, red and pure carbon fibre. The bike size is also available in two versions: with 16″ wheels or with 20″wheels. The 16″ is obviously the lighter at 6.5kg, but the 20″ version although slightly larger when folded, will still only weight around 7kg.

The Hummingbird team are London based and manufacture all of their bikes here in the UK. They feel the bike is for a range of different people. Those who already own a folding bike, but are unhappy with its usability. Those who want a folding bike, but aren’t convinced with what’s currently on the market. But above all, urban commuters who enjoy a good ride. The bike is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign with a £50,000 goal – you can check out the product, the campaign’s progress or even invest in a new bike for yourself here.