It’s Bike Week 2019!


Bike Week 2019 – 8th to 16th June

Bike Week is delivered by Cycling UK every year to encourage and to celebrate cycling. The aim of the week is to inspire people of all ages to get on their bikes and to adopt a fun and sustainable way of travelling.

While there is so much negativity in the world, it’s important to celebrate positive things. Let’s look at the amazing world of cycling and what we have achieved.

Craig Lundberg

Craig Lundberg was a soldier in Iraq in 2007 when he was blinded in combat – he vowed that it would not hold him back with his goal of cycling the length of the country. He will be completing this crazy journey next month.

When Craig was in the Ovingdean Centre (set up by charity, Blind Veterans UK) and said how he remembered one man who was also blinded in combat 60 years ago – who said, ‘don’t let your blindness determine who you are’. Craig has also completed the London Marathon, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and has a wife and kids.

The tandem ride will start on June 11th in the middle of Bicycle week and is raising money for Blind Veterans UK and Vision Aid Overseas.

Craig is such an inspiration for so many, he wants to push the boundaries of the limitations that he has and show that he can accomplish whatever he sets his mind too. His story shows that no matter your situation, you can turn it into something positive.




While E-Bikes are not necessarily a new concept, the development of E-Bikes has boosted immensely through the years of development – making them more accessible and sustainable.

While purchasing an electric bike is more expensive than a regular bike, they are hugely more cost – effective than running a car. A third of the cost, in fact. Electric bikes offer an easier way to travel, with all the benefits of cycling (health, efficiency and independence) but also giving an extra boost to speed and sustainability.

An e-bike can take commuters and recreational cyclists that little bit further, with power assistance on hills and for long distances. These bikes have opened a door for many people who possibly struggle with long distances or simply don’t have the ability to go up hills without the correct conditioning.

E-Bikes have also stretched to benefiting businesses in many ways, for example, food deliveries, courier services and using them to haul small loads from A to B in urban areas where the use of cars is just becoming outdated. Busy streets, roadworks and delivery costs are becoming more difficult to maintain on a day to day basis, while not everything can be sold with an electric bike, it certainly helps.


As we get into the full swing of summer, make sure you try to cycle as much as you can! It benefits your physical and mental health but also helps our environment.