Paralympian’s New Leg Ready for London

Champion Paralympic cyclist Jody Cundy showed off his new leg today with a special patriotic design and the names of all the people who have helped him win 10 medals at Paralympics and World Championships.

As Jody, 33, ‘unveiled’ his new prosthetic leg at Manchester Velodrome, he said: “It looks pretty cool.”

Jody, who was born with a deformed foot, which was amputated when he was just three years old, has been working on the design with Össur designer Gary Forshaw, and the paintwork was applied to the leg by PaintImage Design Custom Ltd in Surrey.

Delighted Jody said: “It’s a whole new leg for London. It’s a refinement of the leg I had in Beijing with new positioning and alignment and refined aerodynamics. I think the leg looks stunning.”

The names of all those who have supported the five times gold medallist are ‘ghosted’ into the design and on the back of the leg is a ‘medal board’ with ten medal images representing his medals in previous Paralympics.
He added: “I love customising my leg. With so many restrictions on kit and other pieces of equipment it’s nice to have a bit of creative freedom and stand out from the crowd.”

via Ossur News