After you have spent potentially thousands of pounds on your bike you really should look after it and there are some bike maintenance basics that will help you without having to know too much about the tricky stuff.  If you have ridden a bike for any length of time already you probably know a lot more than you think but there are some helpful hints that can really make the process of looking after your bike quicker and easier.  Spending 30 minutes a month looking after your bike will not only make cycling a more enjoyable experience but it will also save you money.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on tools – even if you are carrying our your own bike servicing.  Knowing how to use them and which ones you will use the most often is important though and as a minimum you need some basic bits of kit to keep you and your bike safe.

We will be publishing series of maintenance tips that will be enough for casual cyclists to understand the bike, its components and what to look out for and this page will contain links to the essential articles.

Pre-ride Essentails



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