Only 1 Bike Needed

After many discussions in the Urban Limits office about the optimum number of bikes that anyone requires, we have arrived at a variety of answers:

A) 3 – 1x Road, 1x MTB, 1x Hybrid

B) 7 – As above but also to include 1x BMX, 1x Folding, 1x Fixie, 1x Vintage

C) 9 – As above but also including 1x Tourer & 1x Tandem

D) S – 1 – See rule #12

But at no point did we come down to the answer: 1

That’s right one solitary, single bike upon which to do everything you could possibly want to do on a bike, but as Martyn Ashton demonstrates here that’s pretty much all you need (it is a Pinarello Dogma 2 mind!):

If you see any better bike handling than this, please do let us know on our facebook page!