Announcing the Noke u-lock: Fashionistas only need apply


Locks : Not exactly sexy are they?  Until now.

Cyclists could have another choice soon from the people that gave us the keyless Noke Padlock. This was a crowdfunding success and made experts and enthusiasts turn their heads. Noke went on to win the CES Design and Engineering Award and Engadget’s Insert Coin people’s choice award.  Now that the Noke Padlock has moved into the production stage, Noke have moved on to provide another option for cyclists.

The U-lock has smashed it funding target on Kickstarter and incorporates all the features of its predecessor with what is said to be: “a virtually indestructible steel alloy housing”. It also comes an integrated alarm that will send would-be intruders running for cover. If the Noke for more than 3 seconds, a shrieking alarm goes off which will hopefully send a potential thief running. In addition, if anyone attempts to enter the quick-click code more than 3 times, the alarm will sound.

The unlock mechanism is quite cool; using your phone’s Bluetooth Smart connection and the Noke app (iOS, Android, or Windows Phone) you can open your Noke U-Lock replacin your keys forever.Your smartphone replaces your keys forever. At the press of a button, Noke wakes up and searches for your phone or a shared phone. If the phone is within a few feet, Noke instantly unlocks so you can be on your way.


The obvious downfall is that if you lose the phone or it runs out of battery then you can’t get your bike. Noke have thought of this and have included an option to create a quick access code similar to a modern day phone. If you’re ever without your phone, simply key in those clicks and you can still get to your bike.  The other problem is price, and, err, actually getting hold of one.  It will cost around £71 and you can’t actually buy one yet – just pre-order.  That’s more than double the price of a decent U-lock.  We think the real reason people will but it is because it looks cool!  Brushed aluminium and perforated leather look great, although how they will fare after a few weeks on the streets is another thing.  As you can see from the picture above, it’s the perfect security accessory for your gleaming white fixie – by the beach.