Pre-ride essentials

Before you set off on any ride you should really carry out a few quick checks just to make sure you aren’t heading for trouble.

Check your tyres 

Sounds obvious but have a quick check to make sure the pressures are about right.  Mountain bike tyres normally have more give in them than road bike tyres (which should be close to rock solid) and you will get used to the right feeling in time.  Getting a pump with a built-in pressure gauge is a good investment and saves trips to the local petrol station!

Check the brakes 

This is especially important if you have removed the wheels to put the bike in the back of your car.  Make sure the quick releases are firmly secured and that the lever travel is fine.

Check the wheel nuts

Another common problem if you have just transported you bike by removing the wheels.  The quick release (QR) skewers should be tight enough and positioned correctly – this is especially important on bikes with disc brakes so check your manual.