Review: High5 IsoGel

Gels seem to have taken over from traditional on-bike energy sources (Jelly Babies) and cyclists embarking on longer rides often carry a pocket full to sustain energy levels.  At a quid a pop or sometimes more this can make for an expensive sugar rush, although not quite as expensive as Chris Frome’s three energy gels on the second climb of Alpe d’Huez on this year’s tour.

This makes the High5 IsoGel range seem very attractive.  Buying in bulk means you can get these for as little as 50p each depending on current offers.  The 60ml gels are larger than the ‘normal’ size but the energy content is the same.  This means they are less sticky but also bulkier and it’s hard to down one on the bike in one go.  It also means a fair bit of squeezing to get the last bit out too which is not good if you are negotiating a tricky bend or avoiding potholes*

We went through a few cartons between us on the Urban Limits tour and here’s our thoughts:


Pleasant taste, not too strong but that’s a characteristic of the whole IsoGel range. No nasty after-taste and compliments the Zero Tab drink quite well!


A bit bland and slightly disgusting when warm.  Not everyone’s favourite on the ride and a few were left in the box.

Citrus Plus

Another inoffensive-tasting gel but this one’s got an added kick of caffine!  At 50ml per 100mg this means you are getting 30ml of the good stuff per gel which is about the same as a can of Coke or half a can of Red Bull.  It’s a little less than you would get in an espresso but if you do take the maximum dose of 3 gels per hour you will certainly be buzzing on your ride.

*For safety’s sake you really shouldn’t use these whilst cycling and you certainly shouldn’t chuck the empty packet on the road.