Revolights Eclipse+ bike lights review

Founded in 2011 by Kent Frankovich, Revolights have developed lighting systems which attach to the wheels of your bike and illuminate for all important increased night-time visibility. The Eclipse+ is an improvement of the original Eclipse lighting system, along with giving cyclists even more features when using the accompanying app.

There are no longer cables, with a new rechargeable battery introduced which clips onto the ring of the wheel. There are a range of LED bicycle light options on the market, but Revolights is much more than simply a light. The Eclipse system provides 360 degree visibility, with red LED’s on the rear wheel and white on the front. The system tracks your wheel to detect when you’re braking and will make the rear red lights flash to inform traffic you are slowing down. The front LED is also bright enough to function as a legal headlight, illuminating the road ahead.

Revolights Eclipse+ brings even more intelligence into this smart lighting system. The Eclipse+ give the cyclist turn signals that flash on one side of the bike to indicate left or right. This is easily controlled via a smartwatch detecting arm gestures, or via the handlebars.

If you chose to use the Revolight’s app and Bluetooth connectivity, the system will allow you to access a range of features such as:

– Tracking your ride and present data on speed and distance in real time

– Estimated calories burned

– Viewing the battery status

– Remote/auto on and off

– Weather alerts

The lights are also now designed to be locked up with the wheels, so cyclists need not remove them to prevent theft.

The product was introduced through an Indiegogo campaign, raising more than $90,000 in 11 days, easily exceeding its £26,000 funding goal, with over a month remaining. You can pick up a set for $219 (around £140) but will have to wait until June before shipping.