SH-082 3 LED + Laser Rear Light

First impressions of this light were not good. Nasty bubble packaging and dodgy Chinese writing plus a rather flimsy feeling. Once we got it out though we were happy to see an easy-access battery compartment and tool-free fitting for the seatpost clamp.  Once on the bike it looked a bit odd, sticking out like a UFO and taking some tightening to fit securely.



The lasers were identical to the ones fitted on the Soldier light but pointed backwards allowing more of the beam to project backwards, rather than going alongside your bike.  The LEDs were bright enough but as there were only three it wasn’t quite as good as the Soldier.  As usual you could choose between a solid light or strobing and it seemed up to the job of making other road users aware of your presence.


Run times were much more impressive than the Soldier, almost certainly sure to the fact that it wasn’t having to power an extra 2 LEDs.  We used the same batteries to make the test fair but we were astounded to find the lasers lasting 14 hours.  Sure, they got a little dimmer by the end but they were perfectly visible in our dark studio.  The LEDs continued on-and-on with a full 50 hours of use after the lasers were switched off.  Again there was some dimming but perfectly fine for normal use.