Slough Bike Event Draws the Crowds

The Urban Limits team were back in Slough again today supporting another bike event in the Town Square.  After a few weeks off the Golden Minute Challenge was back on with the board filling up with distances set by members of the public who fancied a go at winning this year’s prize of a Garmin 800 GPS unit.

The distances set in the minute available were down a bit on last time we were in town but the day’s winner Callum Davies set a respectable 0.41 miles.  A group of four people were next on 0.39 miles with the rest tailing off as expected.

As usual we got a chance to talk to people about their cycling experiences, what inspires them to ride and what puts them off (normally cars).  It seems the nice summer has encouraged a few people to dust off their old bikes or buy new ones with most people saying they are cycling for health reasons.  With a cost:benefit ratio of 1:20 it’s no surprise people are taking up cycling and we were more than happy to pass on some safety tips and advice.

As well as our stand there were people from Slough Borough Council and Thames Valley Police giving out information to potential cyclists and encouraging people to sign-up to the local SkyRide events coming up in September.  We even managed to carry out a bit of basic bike maintenance for people who needed a tweek to their brakes and gears.

Arguable the main attraction of the day was the ExtremeMountainBikeShow team who treated the residents of Slough to four amazing displays of bike skills and tricks.  The crowds got bigger and bigger during the day as news spread that something special was taking place with Joe Oakley and Ashley Butler on form.  Perhaps the highlight was Joe’s (unofficial) record-breaking bunny-hop which you can see in our YouTube clip below.