SpeedForce Cycling Computer – Review

Last week saw the introduction of the latest in a long list of new cycling gadgets and connected devices launch on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. And although theres been a considerable number of new connected gadgets seek crowdfunding support recently, this device named the SpeedForce, reached its target in super quick time – just 12 hours! And after 2 days it had reached $100,00 – pretty impressive. So we figured we’d take a look and see what all the fuss is about.

Billed as the ‘First fully integrated smart cycling computer’, the SpeedForce boasts a range of impressive features in a sleek all in one design incorporating a GPS cycling computer, headlight and navigation system. The SpeedForce is designed to become a complete replacement for your bikes stem, and fits perfectly – meaning no clipping onto your handlebars like so many other cycling computers.



With a built-in GPS chip that syncs with your phone’s GPS, SpeedForce has turn signal indicators that light up to tell you where to turn next, without needing to glance at your smartphone. It makes riding whilst using navigation both safer and easier.  Alternatively you can input a pre-planned route for use without your phone.

Battery Life

SpeedForce can operate for upto 40 hours (16 with GPS navigation on, and also features a removable battery pack so you can swap batteries on the go.


A 150-Lumen CREE Headlight, illuminating your path for more than 30 feet ensured maximum visibility.


It features a 1.6 Inch Transflective colour screen, allowing for an easier reading of data. Visible when riding during the day or at night, has 8 different screens and can include phone and text notifications.


SpeedForce has additional pedal and wheel sensors that ensure the highest accuracy of data. With each pedal, SpeedForce can pick up and calculate factors such as: speed, time, distance, track, heart rate, altitude, temperature and cadence.


Along with reading your data, SpeedForce can interpret it for you. With coaching it can tell you when to change gear and pedal more, helping to fix any bad habits you’re unaware you have.

SpeedX App

The app has been developed for two years and has over 400,000 users who share and compete against each other.

  • Completely free
  • View leaderboards – see who you’re doing better than
  • Meet new riders – don’t limit yourself locally, explore the world
  • City guides – there’s always a new route to be found
  • Cycling and training advice – great for beginners to learn their bike fit
  • Share photos – post or leave comments on some amazing shots