The best bike storage solutions

When you’ve got a bike, one thing you’re always going to have to think about is where to put it. If you don’t have anywhere obvious like a garage or spare room to store your bike, don’t be concerned. There are a range of really cool and handy storage solutions designed to be used in and around your home. So we’ve picked out a selection of our favourites!



CLUG is the world’s smallest bike rack helping you to save space. The CLUG secures your bike to a wall by slotting your tyre into the clip device, with you bike able to sit on two wheels or upright on one.

Cycloc Solo

The Solo is one in a range of products from Cycloc, featuring effortless storage solutions for the home. Store bikes both horizontally and vertically, and use the centre for any cycling accessories.

The Bike Shelf

Designed from solid walnut, The Bike Shelf from Knife & Saw is almost a regular shelf which features a simple groove for your bike frame to slot into. The ledge can then be used for your helmet, cycling gear or anything else in your home.

Shelfie Bike Shelf

The Shelfie Bike Shelf from Jebiga Design, is a bike shelf which features a design to hang your bike from its saddle, eliminating any risk of damage to the frame. The rest of the shelf can be utilised as storage space for your helmet and accessories.