The best lighting gadgets – in pictures

There’s a huge range of interesting and innovative technologies available for cyclists these days, and when it come to lighting, this couldn’t be more true. Take a look below at a selection of the best bike lighting gadgets on the market right now!

Blaze laserlight – Projects a green laser in front of your bike to ensure other road users are aware of your presence. Currently being trialled by 250 Boris bikes in London.

Lumus HelmetThe smart bike helmet with integrated lights telling road users behind you that you’re turning or stopping

Hammerhead NavigationAttached to your bicycle bars and provide turn by turn navigation lights guided by GPS smartphone app

Helios HandlebarsBuilt-in front and rear facing LED lights which change colour according to your speed and also function as turn signals too for the built in GPS navigation

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves – Cycling gloves with built-in button operated LED’s to alert other road users of your intentions

RevolightsRings of LED’S mounted onto your wheels which are visible from all angles and illuminate as the wheels spin!