The Plume Mudguard

With Autumn well and truly here, and winter seemingly on the horizon, its probably time to forget the nice dry roads you were (hopefully) used to over the summer months. This inevitably means dusting down the trusty mudguards and fixing them onto your bike, or risk covering your bum and back in muddy water every time you hit the road. And if the summer has been as disappointing for you as it was for us, you might have already found yourself attaching and removing your mudguards far too regularly. Well a new solution which found huge support on Kickstarter, could just be the answer.

The innovative design from Plume keeps you bike looking sleek when you don’t need it, and you clean and dry when you do. The mudguard is easily attached underneath the saddle, and through a really simple but efficient recoiling design folds out when required. To recoil you simply reach back and push down on the guard and it neatly folds back. The great thing is you no longer need to attach and remove your mudguards depending on weather and the road conditions. Plume mudguards are light and with them hidden away under your saddle they can stay there all year round until they’re required!

Plume was originally designed in London, and the unpredictable rain and frustration over existing mudguards inspired them to create something new, innovative but simple. Unlike must mudguards Plume is super thin, whilst made from incredibly resilient materials which won’t crack or bend out of shape. After years of development, a Kickstarter campaign saw 1,446 backers pledging over $56,000 to bring the project to life. For £28 the Plume can be yours, and you can say goodbye to constantly installing your mudguards and of course, a muddy bum!