Urban Limits Tour 2019

Over the last week we have been on our Urban Limits 2019 Tour. You can see how we got on at the Wokingham Bikeathon and Wood plc here.

Wednesday 3rd July.

On Wednesday, we held an event at Maxis in Bracknell – A very modern site with several companies based there. It was an amazing event with competition over sites and within companies which was great for our golden minute challenge! Of course, we had to set our times too…


At the end of the day we had an amazing leader board, with a top score of 640 metres in 60 seconds! While the challenge is there to encourage more people to cycle in a fun way, we want to show that there are ways to cycle every day. We had many cycle maps all around Berkshire to show where the best routes are. We have all the routes on our website, take a look here.

Thursday 4th July

Thursday we were at Waitrose & Partners Head Office in Bracknell alongside the council again encouraging cycling into work. The site itself is very large with many staff, so if more people cycled to work rather than driving, it would make all the difference.


Like Maxis we had a bit of department rivalry and a little competition is always welcomed! Again, we had some keen cyclists with a top score of 620 Metres!

Friday 5th July

On Friday we were in Slough at the Wexham Park Hospital showing the benefits of cycling. Encouraging staff to cycle to work and the public to get on their bikes in everyday life. Take a look at the leader board at the end of the day.

Saturday 6th July

Our last event of our 2019 Urban Limits tour was at Montague Park School where we had a competition for the pupils parents! We had a number of cyclists take part and we often spoke about

going for family bike rides. Family bike rides is an amazing activity which brings the family together but also getting all of the health benefits of cycling. The best thing about cycling is that all ages can take part. And here is our final leader board of the day!

Yet again we have had an amazing week around Berkshire encouraging cycling for all ages. We have a few more events this year so stay tuned to see if anyone can beat our highest score this week from Wood plc of 660 Metres in our golden minute!