Urban Limits Tour 2019

This week we are doing events around Berkshire encouraging more sustainable travel and getting people on their bikes, but making it fun, as it should be.

Sunday 30th June

On Sunday we went to the 2019 Wokingham Bikeathon. An amazing event with hundreds of participants of all ages cycling around Wokingham. There are 2 rides, 35 miles or 15 miles.

We set up the smaller bike as we wanted the children to get involved too! It was an amazing fun day celebrating cycling with people cycling to the event just to take part! We of course wanted the adults to take part as well so we had an adult leader board going too! Look at our final leader board for the day with 480 metres being the highest by the adults and 450 metres for the kids – an amazing achievement!


Monday 1st July

On Monday, we were at Wood plc for an amazing event alongside My Journey from Wokingham. The business also created routes to work from different locations drawing in many members of staff. Staff brought along their bikes for maintenance and basic repairs with our bike mechanic Gary.

We had a great turn out with many enthusiastic to cycle more and always up for a bit of competitiveness with our Golden Minute challenge. We had 2 joint winners of 660 metres by Jim and Mat – the highest this week!

Keep tuned during this week and see how our other events compare!