Urban Limits tour in Reading (2011)

The launch of Urban Limits got off to a flying start in Reading town centre with a live event on Broad Street. The team were set up providing cycling advice and information, while a 1 minute cycle sprint event provided much of the entertainment!

AW Cycles were also supporting the event by providing their new cycle fitting ‘jig’ for the sprint event and showing off over £4000 of awesome bikes.

The fastest time in both male and female categories will be receiving their prizes in the post – Well done guys!

Time Trials

These are the times recorded for the Urban Limits event in Reading on 29th November 2011:

Name Distance Travelled
Adam T 0.34 (1st)
Craig M* 0.33
Andrew Ho 0.33 (2nd)
Tony C* 0.32
Andrew Hi 0.29
James S Distance
Jan H Distance
James C Distance
Paul L Distance
Daniel P Distance
Shane G 0.28
Richard R 0.28
Kerron A 0.28
Aldor H 0.27
Scott E 0.27
Dale F 0.27
Georgina H 0.27 (1st)
Oldach 0.26
Jake T 0.25
Don S 0.25
Bradley H 0.25
Louise F 0.21 (2nd)
Julie P* 0.19
Rachel S 0.1

*Urban Limits team – DISQUALIFIED!



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