Why you should be getting back on your bike

No matter who comes to mind, everyone was a beginner at some point, whether that was when they were 5 or dusting off your parents’ bikes that have been sitting in the garage for a year – you must start somewhere.

As the summer is finally upon us, it’s time to get those bikes out and get on it. Whether you haven’t ridden your bike in years, or you cycle every day – the benefits of cycling are endless.  While of course there is the physical aspect of losing weight (if you eat right too!) Cycling has been proven to boost your mental well-being as well. A study by the YMCA has shown that there was a 32% increase on your well-being if you have an active lifestyle compared to those who do not. Cycling combines the physical exercise with being outside and exploring new places – places which you may have not noticed or even found without being on a bike. Cycling with friends boosts the social element but cycling alone can really help you to tackle your stresses and worries.

Compared to other activities, like running, is a low impact sport – it is not weight bearing. Scientists compared various exercises; runners experienced 133-144% more muscle damage than cyclists. While it is considerably less likely, injuries can always still happen – your best way of trying to avoid this is to get a professional bike fit. Yes, it is more expensive, but would you rather spend the money on this now or a physio a few months down the line.