#WorldBicycleDay – 3rd June

Get on your bike to celebrate World Bicycle Day today!

The 3rd of June is now recognised by the UN officially as World Bicycle Day to celebrate the benefits of cycling in everyday life, a sustainable mode of transport which also has proven benefits to physical and mental health.

Sustainability of travel is vital. 37 out of 43 UK regions are in breach of nitrogen dioxide levels and substituting even a few routines to cycling rather than driving can make all the difference. Riding a bike has so many benefits on a personal level with health but also it is so affordable.

Many countries around the globe are well informed of the seriousness of the emissions being produced. In India the aim is to make Mumbai the bicycle capital of India by 2030. The Smart Commute Foundation (SCF) is leading the initiative to ensure a green future for India. The #Cycle2Work scheme is becoming increasingly popular across cities in India, with the catalyst to better health and sustainable transportation.

Its no secret that cycling on a regular basis can have great health benefits, and not everyone has the capacity to cycle everyday because we live in a changing world. But the importance is being able to swap 1 or 2 journeys as much as you can to help the environment but ultimately help yourself!

We in Berkshire encourage people of all ages to get on their bikes by providing local events in the community and through businesses. Speak with your employer to see if you are eligible for a cycle to work scheme today!