Your Perfect Date? A Cyclist…

Want to captain the pub quiz team?

Impress the boss at a board meeting?

Or just find Mr/Mrs right?

Then become a cyclist!

According to psychological studies carried out by Mindlab for the British Heart Foundation, people not only think that cyclists are cooler and more intelligent but they are also more attractive with 23% saying that they would choose to date a cyclist over a selection of other sports people and 27% saying that they would want a cyclist on their pub quiz team.

The research used Implicit Associated Tests to measure the unconscious responses of participants to reveal what they truly believe in terms of cycling and cyclists.

These results from Mindlab coincides with work carried out by Sustrans through the London Bike it Plus scheme which shows top performing schools in London have recorded a 30% increase in cycling to and from school by their pupils.

It would appear that from the results of both the Mindlab survey and the Sustrans London Bike it Plus scheme, that being a cyclist not only has the usual associated health benefits but that it may also make you more intelligent, and more likely to get a date then if you simply got in the car.

And with the 2014 Tour de France’s arrival in the UK only round the corner there is no better time to get on your bike and join the cool gang.